Mount Sniezka - Giant Mountains - panorama 360


We pay due attention to preservation and promotion of the past and contemporary cultural heritage of the Karkonosze / Krkonoše and their surroundings, which used to proudly bear the name of Giant Mountains.

We discover the beauty of the places, the intricate history, art and local craftsmanship and the wonderful people who have been, are and will be here…

We are not bound by strict divisions into countries, mountain ranges, valleys and cities. If you are standing in good weather on the top of Śnieżka / Sněžka, you should look around. Some say the visibility is as good as for almost 200 km. And this website covers what you see, and even more so — what you cannot see.

For a better understanding of what we are all about, we insert a panoramic view of Śnieżka / Sněžka (the then Schneekoppe) from the 1904 guide.

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