Śniezne Kotły za 100 lat Keil



We provide unconventional stimuli in large quantities and our projects differ from other projects available on the market.  We do not force anything. We do not force you to compete fiercely, to chase the result, to dress up and pretend to be someone else or to participate in something you do not want to take part in.

You will not find with us any ‘team building’ and paintball tortures, zip-lines and necessity to overcome the tangle of ropes in cobwebs, unleavened feasts or Hawaiian style dress-ups. We are capable of raising the level of endorphins completely differently and motivate people.


  • We will take you underground, to old mines and abandoned drifts, to caves and excavations in search of minerals and precious stones, the meaning of which you will learn and will get the chance to cut them yourselves. Following the instructions of the Walloon signs, you will search for valuable metals and then, together with true alchemy adepts, you will be able to turn lead into gold.

  • In winter you will wander to deserted “Iserbaijan”, getting to know the ancient knowledge of snow and ice, and in summer you will go along the laboratory assistants’ paths to green meadows, getting to know and collecting herbs of various kinds. You will use them to prepare what suits one’s needs: creams, fragrances and all kinds of beautifiers for women and beer, beverages steeped in alcohol and enhancers for men. You will also cast and cut glass under supervision of a master craftsman, so that there is something to keep those beverages steeped in alcohol in and to taste them. Culinary workshops will allow you to learn about the old and new flavours of the region.

  • You will learn the castles, palaces and manors from the inside out. Their occupants, hidden secrets, as well as centuries’ long customs and traditions. You will learn to compose stylish interior design, distinguish between relics and antiques, value works of art and artistic crafts, carry out minor renovations all by yourself and develop your own artistic talents.

  • Of course, you will set off into the high mountains to meet the mountain spirit—Karkonosz / Krkonoš, and often spending night wherever we feel like it. You will experience nature in a slightly different way, practically caring for its natural survival and participating in classes on the art of creating beautiful gardens. You will rediscover the concepts of harmony and deep relaxation.

However, what is the most important — you will meet many fantastic inhabitants of this land, enthusiasts, one-of-a-kinds and talented artists.  Because it is they, who co-create this melting pot of good energy and are the perfect inspiration for action!

These are just a few of the many attractions that await you here.

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