The art of meetings in the Giant Mountains


Let us assume that through a special messenger you receive such an invitation:

“Their Highnesses Duchess Luiza Augusta Wilhelmina Amalia of Prussia with Duke Consort Wilhelm Friedrich Karl von Oranien-Nassau Have the Pleasure of Inviting You to an Afternoon Tea at Their Property in Wojanów…”

Usually, the first reaction instead of a joyful elation is the overwhelming panic and questions that pop up: In what form to answer? How to dress? Whether and what to bring along? How do I say ‘hello’? What to talk about? How to behave at the table? When may you leave?

Is this example a pure fantasy?
Our experience clearly shows that it is not, although nowadays court etiquette is rarely a must. However, it is worth to learn more about the current canons, because confusion in the behaviour of participants in important meetings is highly noticeable.

We have prepared several hours of workshops on the principles of organizing events — not only business ones — which may perfectly complement the stay of guests in our region. We hold courses in beautiful historic interiors, carefully selected to the characteristics of the group. In addition to trusted lecturers on diplomatic protocol, we often invite well-known authorities with several hundred years of family traditions in the cultivation of good manners. We also show you how to decorate your interior in a stylish, effective and non-invasive way.

Our sources report that at the end of our course, ‘tea bags’, ‘instant coffee’ and omnipresent ‘conference snacks’ disappear mysteriously from many corporate conference rooms, and even the insignificant meetings are more frequently successful.

We invite interested groups to contact us to determine the details of the course.